South Dakota Post Office Hours

Search all post office hours and locations in the state of South Dakota. Find a South Dakota post office in your area and check out the most convenient time it is open. Map the location your looking for in our easy to use locator. Below is the statewide list of South Dakota offices.

Post Office Address City Phone Details
Wessington Post Office
170 Wessington St S Wessington SD 57381
Wessington(605) 458-2250
Wessington Springs Post Office
124 Wallace Ave S Wessington Springs SD 57382
Wessington Springs(605) 539-1799
Westport Post Office
14 Main St W Westport SD 57481
Westport(605) 225-5749
White Post Office
311 W Main St White SD 57276
White(605) 629-2231
White Lake Post Office
109 S Main St White Lake SD 57383
White Lake(605) 249-2445
White Owl Post Office
19371 Main St White Owl SD 57792
White Owl(605) 985-5402
White River Post Office
415 N Main St White River SD 57579
White River(605) 259-3216
Whitehorse Post Office
500 Main St Whitehorse SD 57661
Whitehorse(605) 733-2520
Whitewood Post Office
1400 Laurel St Whitewood SD 57793
Whitewood(605) 269-2505
Willow Lake Post Office
214 Garfield St Willow Lake SD 57278
Willow Lake(605) 625-3387
Wilmot Post Office
713 Main St Wilmot SD 57279
Wilmot(605) 938-4511
Winfred Post Office
352 Main St Winfred SD 57076
Winfred(605) 485-2284
Winner Post Office
402 S Monroe St Winner SD 57580
Winner(605) 842-0494
Witten Post Office
119 E 1st St Witten SD 57584
Witten(605) 879-2466
Wolsey Post Office
125 Commercial Ave Sw Wolsey SD 57384
Wolsey(605) 883-4632
Wood Post Office
118 W Main St Wood SD 57585
Wood(605) 452-3235
Woonsocket Post Office
202 S Dumont Ave Woonsocket SD 57385
Woonsocket(605) 796-4495
Worthing Post Office
120 S Main St Worthing SD 57077
Worthing(605) 372-4165
Wounded Knee Post Office
101 Main St Wounded Knee SD 57794
Wounded Knee(605) 867-5278
Yale Post Office
202 N Main St Yale SD 57386
Yale(605) 599-2834

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