South Dakota Post Office Hours

Search all post office hours and locations in the state of South Dakota. Find a South Dakota post office in your area and check out the most convenient time it is open. Map the location your looking for in our easy to use locator. Below is the statewide list of South Dakota offices.

Post Office Address City Phone Details
Fedora Post Office
23304 421st Ave Fedora SD 57337
Fedora(605) 527-2478
Ferney Post Office
109 Center St Ferney SD 57439
Ferney(605) 397-2707
Flandreau Post Office
102 W 2nd Ave Flandreau SD 57028
Flandreau(605) 997-3202
Florence Post Office
235 Main Ave Florence SD 57235
Florence(605) 758-2286
Fort Meade Post Office
50 Sheridan Rd Fort Meade SD 57741
Fort Meade(605) 720-7169
Fort Pierre Post Office
412 N Deadwood St Fort Pierre SD 57532
Fort Pierre(605) 223-2472
Fort Thompson Post Office
119 Sd Highway 249 Fort Thompson SD 57339
Fort Thompson(605) 245-2364
Frankfort Post Office
611 Jefferson Ave Frankfort SD 57440
Frankfort(605) 472-1339
Frederick Post Office
413 Main St Frederick SD 57441
Frederick(605) 329-2441
Freeman Post Office
421 S Poplar St Freeman SD 57029
Freeman(605) 925-7386
Fulton Post Office
217 N Main Ave Fulton SD 57340
Fulton(605) 996-4845
Gann Valley Post Office
229 Main St Gann Valley SD 57341
Gann Valley(605) 293-3210
Garden City Post Office
127 Main St W Garden City SD 57236
Garden City(605) 532-3761
Garretson Post Office
641 N Main Ave Garretson SD 57030
Garretson(605) 594-3405
Gary Post Office
1109 Coteau St Gary SD 57237
Gary(605) 272-5871
Gayville Post Office
508 Washington St Gayville SD 57031
Gayville(605) 267-4389
Geddes Post Office
312 Main Ave Geddes SD 57342
Geddes(605) 337-2469
Gettysburg Post Office
110 N Exene St Gettysburg SD 57442
Gettysburg(605) 765-9253
Glenham Post Office
23 Main St Glenham SD 57631
Glenham(605) 762-3290
Goodwin Post Office
130 W Chicago Ave Goodwin SD 57238
Goodwin(605) 795-2991

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